Manufacturers deserve to profit directly on Amazon

Manufacturers around the world sell on Amazon US to take advantage of huge B2C profit margins.

We’re the team to help you achieve your goals. Let's take your international company to the next level.

Why Us?
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Stop relying on your US middleman customers

Reap the profits.

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Succeed with our 7-figure Amazon selling expertise

We know what it takes to win.

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Earn the humongous profits of an Amazon seller

30%+ profit margins are typical.


We make it easy for your company
to sell on Amazon like a pro.

We're more than just consulting and advice. We walk you through the process and analyze pain points to make sure that your company is primed for success on Amazon.


Contact us for a quote

Email us for a personalized quote. We can arrange a conference call with your boss to hash out the details.

Get your 1st products on Amazon

We guide you through the process, like setting up an Amazon seller account & choosing the right products to sell.

Scale & Profit!

Rake in passive income. Scale your company by releasing more products on Amazon. The sky is the limit!

We have the Amazon expertise
to make your company succeed.

We've worked with 7-figure Amazon stores and know how to use the latest Amazon tactics out there, including the exclusive ones behind closed doors.

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We get the Amazon essentials right

We nail the most important parts about Amazon for you, so you don't have to worry about "getting it right"

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And we know the secret tactics too

Whatever secretive Amazon tactic that is out there, we're in the know through our 7 and 8-figure connections


Do what your company does best.
Let us handle everything else.

Your company has different needs for selling on Amazon than other companies. We accommodate for all businesses, big and small.

Product Research


Listing Optimization

Amazon SEO


We've worked with 7-figure Amazon stores in the past with glowing reviews.


“Thanks for all your help Minh! You made everything relatively easy. The cost was well worth the ranking service. Can’t wait to launch my new products with you!”

Allen Leung

“Thanks for helping me out every step of the way through my Amazon journey Minh! You really got out of your way to help me out and teach me at the same time. I learned and grew a lot! Thanks again man!”

Jason Luong

“You gave me step-by-step guidance on how to optimize my Amazon listings, as well as launch and marketing campaigns. Your digital marketing and mentoring skills are exceptional. Above all, you showed genuine care throughout the journey. Thanks to you, Minh, things are simple now!”

Yasmin Varzidehkar

How does payment work?

It is a setup fee plus a % commission of your Amazon gross sales. The setup fee is a separate fee from the % commission.


Is it safe for us to pay you?

We understand your concern. Our agency is in Canada which may be very different and far away from your country. Please read our Why Us page to learn more about our case studies, values, and guarantee.


Who is your clientele?

Most of our clients are manufacturers from around the world, and our other remaining clients are Amazon sellers in the US and Canada.


Can we arrange a conference call?

Yes! Feel free to invite your boss and other staff on this call. We would love to answer any questions you have. We can send you an agenda of the topics that we will discuss so that you can prepare any needed info and questions.

Get started

Start reaping the profits.

Your international company has the factories and workers, but not the B2C expertise to make direct selling work. Supercharge your company and your profit margins with our Amazon selling expertise.